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Drug Admin

Drug Admin Is an aplication for authorization medicine it allow to load medicine orders and doctors search, it also audit medicine recipies. The ssystem has several user roles: administrator, auditor and delegation admin.

  • Technology: Rails - Heroku - Bootstrap - Minitest - Devise - Postgresql - Git - html5.
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TripViajes We built tripviajes from scratch, we worked hard to have a useful reservation system in 1 month, it can manage programmable services, customers and reservations. The system is very simple it has 11 Gems dependencies, ~400 LOC in ruby and ~120 LOC in Javascript.

  • Technology: Cuba - Dep - Cutest - Postgresql - Git - html5 - Pure css.
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Microteatro Madrid

Microteatro We made several fixes, regarding tickets sales report generation, and we made some improvements in theatre plays section and also installed a testing server from scratch.

  • Technology: Rails 4 - Mysql - Minitest - Git - html5 - Bootstrap.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot We worked in assembla improving the whole site and adding some new features, we did the multiple server deploy, added sftp protocol support and git repo support for the ftp tool.

  • Technology: Ruby on Rails - TestUnit - Capistrano - Git.
  • You can see this post with a video that show the tool.

IfansBlog & App Installer for Passenger

I have modified Big Blue Pass Fan Blog to be a new generic fan blog system, now it's possible to install ifansblog and setup any Sport Team.

I have developed a ruby script to install and deploy a new Ifansblog site, on Apache server using Passenger (Mod_Rails) and Ruby Enterprise Edition with a simple user interface, to install.

  • Technology: Ruby on Rails - Passenger - Ruby EE - Apache.
See this post with more details (in spanish):

Big Blue Pass Fan Blog

Big Blue Pass Is a Giant's Fan blog, users can post articles about the team and comments them, they can track Giant's NFL games and read news from a feed list. Users can publish your personal profile if they wish. There is a backend to manage users accounts and page content.

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  • Technology: Ruby on Rails - BDD (Rspec).
  • Used Plugins: restful_authentication, acts_as_state_machine, attachment_fu, easy-fckeditor, meteor_strike, permalink_fu, rspec, rspec-rails, timed_fragment_cache, will_paginate.


We started working on SmrtTouch from the begining of the project, SmrtTouch is a tool that allow users drawing routing calls with a friendly UI and diagrams, is made using technologies like Rails 3, Backbone.js, Jquery and Html 5.

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PhoneTag automatically converts your voicemail into text and delivers it directly to your mobile phone and/or your email account; so you can read your voicemail. We worked doing the transcription's workflow process using technologies like Rails 2, Mongo Db, Amazon EC2 and Delayed Job.