Be indenpendent

Author: Gastón Ramos
Published: Wed Mar 22 12:02:33 ART 2017
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For a long time I've been thinking of facing an independent path in programming, yes, I could say "the software development industry" but I'm fanatic about simplicity and the first place where use it is in my words. Until now it's just thoughts, thoughts and desires that used when what I had to do in my job at that moment got me boring, keep a hacker fun is not easy even for the hacker himself: 0, after a long Way I traveled as a freelancer first and then a mix between freelance / employee where there where not too much "freeDOM", spent the years and years and we decided and I speak in the plural because we are two: My partner, Yanina and I we are facing a really Independent project with our own clients, we have the office, we have the knowledge, we have the computers, we have everything!

Navigating the streets of the Internet between sites of "freelancers" and mailing lists I see that we lost the link with the customer and the consulting companies have captured the majority of potential customers, it might be our perception and if it is, please somebody let me know, in the sites of these like,, etc, jobs are not big and are for little money, a lot of things that add up the commission that charges the site for the Contacts. Despite all of this we managed to attract some clients to do a couple projects from scratch; We were successful and everything and one were developed in Cuba! And some clients for maintenance in Rails. Among all that I have to say that working as an employee has good things because you supposedly disguise various problems, such as the legal and administrative part, look for projects, look for good projects, etc., but this is a disadvantage because it makes not learn, none of those areas and if at any point you plan to become independent is something that you will need. On the other hand, I was almost absent in my personal blog and that causes me to rust a little in writting, I'm very exciting writting this article :0 for sure! I'm writing an article ... the first article of our company La Casa Tech.

PS: I know this article is not very "marketing way" because I was too sincere, but after all sincerity sells.